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Technical Innovations

In recent years, there have been significant technical innovations in the manufacturing of cabinets. At Allied Gallery, we deliver consistency and quality because we employ the largest number of Computer Numerical Control (CNC) and state of the art cabinet production machines. Moreover, these machines have greatly reduced the risk of human error, resulting in higher quality product. This software-driven machinery meticulously cuts slabs and manufactures cabinetry to exacting detail. Furthermore, our highly skilled fabricators use this optimized process to ensure precision with every custom piece we create. Thanks to these technical innovations, cabinetry production has become faster, more accurate and more efficent than ever before.

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Each block of stone holds a unique history. Created from billions of years of development, it is truly the essence of nature. For centuries, artisans have used its natural beauty to create masterpieces. Our craftsmen honor this heritage when fabricating each project with precision and accuracy. Our goal is to provide our customers with only the highest quality stone and a level of superior workmanship.

Allied Gallery proudly introduces custom cabinetry to our product lineup. Making us a total resource for modern lifestyles. From classic natural stones to the latest in engineered technology, Allied Gallery is ready to craft your dreams into reality.



We use an impressive arsenal of technology to process stone slabs and cabinetry manufacturing. Our streamlined production process, combined with our stunning inventory, allows us to offer our customers both elegance and efficiency. With the utmost quality control, our craftspeople continually deliver stunning results.

We are the only granite stone fabricators in Texas and Oklahoma that own and stock as much inventory and range of selections as the local granite distributors. Our selection of exotic stones is conducted completely in-house. As a result, we can offer our customers more than 50,000 pieces of beautiful, exceptional stone slabs in more than 600 colors.



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