Agate Striata Red


Agate Striata

Precioustone by Antolini

Agate striata red is a stunning gemstone that is highly sought after for its unique color and pattern. Firstly, it is important to note that this gemstone is a type of agate, which is a variety of chalcedony mineral. Additionally, the red coloration of this stone is caused by the presence of iron oxide. Furthermore, the distinctive banding pattern of agate striata red is caused by the way the chalcedony mineral formed in layers. Moreover, this stone is often used in jewelry making due to its hardness and durability. Finally, the beauty and rarity of agate striata red make it a valuable addition to any gemstone collection.

Agate is one of the gems most used to embellish decorative items. In ancient times it was considered a lucky charm that protected people and brightened up their surroundings. Agate – from the Greek Achates – is the old name of a Sicilian river, rich in precious stones of variegated colors. In red tones, it is considered to be a magic charm that stands by lovers and stimulates boldness in them, inspires them with courage, and facilitates peace of mind. The most select quality agates come from Brazil, China, India, Europe, and  Madagascar. Slabs are cut to size pieces and are hand-assembled to form a harmonious chromatic whole. It has beneficial effects on digestion, fights back pain, relieves joint trouble, and protects pregnancy.

To facilitate introspection and stimulate vital energy.

Origin: Italy


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