Zenit Cabinets

Zenit Cabinetry

Beauty is not always delicate. Meet the toughest matte design boards. In contrast to our lacquered panels, Zenit offers a deep, super matte finished panel with a silky soft feel and excellent resistance to abrasion. The Zenit collection comes in a complete range of solid colors, with or without metallic particles. These designs provide a more subtle, yet sleek look for modern interior room design.


stain resistant
stain resistance
easy clean
Easy Cleaning
long durability
Long Durability
eco friendly

eco- Friendly

color stability

Color Stability

fingerprint resistant


Our Zenit Colors

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Our Allied Gallery showrooms specialize in clients with refined tastes who are passionate about luxurious living spaces.  Our team of experts and artisans are dedicated to bringing unsurpassed quality and skilled craftsmanship to each of our custom-designed solutions.

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