Agate celeste



Precioustone by Antolini

Agate is a variety of chalcedony that is characterized by its banded appearance, with each band typically being a different color or shade. The bands in agate are formed by the deposition of different types of minerals in layers over time.

The patterns in agate can range from simple straight lines to intricate swirls and other designs. The beauty and uniqueness of agate slabs make them a popular choice for both interior decorators and collectors.

Agate is the stone of good luck, security, and the balance between nature’s elements. It embellishes decorative items and brightens up surroundings.

Agate – from the Greek Achates – is the old name of a Sicilian river, rich in precious stones of variegated colours. This variety, with delicate blue shades, encourages rest for the body and meditation.

The most select quality agates come from Brazil, China, India, Europe, and Madagascar. Slabs and cut to size pieces are hand-assembled to form a harmonious chromatic whole. It has beneficial effects on digestion, lights back pain, relieves joint trouble, and protects pregnancy.

Origin Italy

Zodiac sign : Gemini


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