Calacatta Viola Marble Slabs for Countertops

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Our Calacatta Viola Marble is a 2 cm marble with a polished finish. It’s a stone-like no other; the sharp contrast between the porcelain white and deep purple veining is an immediate attention grabber. Like a real show stopper, the calacatta viola will be a perfect centerpiece as a natural stone countertop for any bathroom or kitchen design. Impress guests with your daring, striking choice of polished marble.

The intricacy of veins within the marble is one-of-a-kind. This design cannot be replicated by other countertop materials or stones, for the process of molding this stone is how it achieves its exquisite features.

Through profound heat and pressure, the initial rock alters to produce the contrasting pieces of marble, that being the foundation and gleaming veins that coarse through it. The Calacatta Viola will be a marble countertop that truly represents this energetic, natural process, which creates a scenic marble surface with poetic, intense juxtaposition.

In addition to its remarkable, elegant appearance, polished marble radiates a unique brilliance that brightens up any kitchen or bathroom. If you wish to add glow to your high-traffic areas, a polished stone such as Calacatta Viola will certainly lighten any small or large living space.

The Calacatta Viola is also heat-resistant, meaning if you are a fan of baking or cooking, then your marble kitchen countertop will not endure burn marks or fires. Also, no need to worry about placing a hot hair-styling tool on your bathroom counter, either; the Calacatta Viola finish will stay glistening without a trace of imperfection or error.


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