Opal Agate

Opal Agate

Antolini Precioustone

Agate is one of the gems most used to embellish decorative items. In ancient times it was considered a lucky charm that protected people and brightened up their surroundings. 

Agate – from the Greek Achates – is the old name of a Sicilian river, rich in precious stones of variegated colors. This material with an atypical opal glow relaxes the body, relieves stress, and stimulates concentration.

The most select quality agates come from Brazil, China, India, Europe, and Madagascar. Slabs are cut to sizes pieces are hand-assembled to form a harmonious chromatic whole. It has beneficial effects on digestion, fights back pain, relieves joint trouble, and protects pregnancy.

Opal Agate Precioustone by Antolini is a delightful collection of natural agate fused together with high-quality resins to create a soothing field color. This material can be illuminated from behind to create a dramatic effect.

To facilitate introspection and stimulate vital energy.

This is a handmade slab comprised of natural agates.

Origin: Italy


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