Types of Countertop Finishes

A natural stone countertop which happens to be the  most popular choice these days for  homeowners. What about the countertop , selecting the right or wrong type of countertop finish can make a Hugh difference in the way your countertop looks, feels, and in your home.

So what are the most popular types of stone Finishes. Below is a breakdown of the most popular types

Polished Finished | Allied Gallery

Polished Finished brings out the natural patterns of the slab.  The surface have a deep shine that protects, enhances the stone , less porous than other types of countertop finishes and make for smooth, easy-to-maintain surfaces.

Honed Finish

Honed finish is referred to at times as the matte finish. The honed surface are not reflective, shinny, don’t show the color and texture of the stone like the polished ones. Honed surface require more resealing because of the porous nature.

Leathered Finished | Allied Stone

Leathered Smooth textured surface with an eggshell finish that accentuates the movement of the stone. It brings out the natural characteristic of the stone, retains the color of the stone,  has a rough look to it and is for heavy used areas like outdoor countertop areas. 


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