Wild Tiger Eye Gold

Wild Tiger Eye Gold

Precioustone by Antolini

Wild Tiger Eye Gold – The stone of sound judgment, in medieval times it was used as a powerful amulet against demons and witchcraft. It protests the psyche and facilitates

Tiger Eye is a variety of quartz characterized by chatoyancy – an optical effect that makes the mineral iridescent, much like the pupils of felines. Used in jewelry and greatly valued for its shine, it has golden strips which are caused by iron oxidation.

The largest deposits are in South Africa and Australia. India, and the United States. The slabs and cut-to-size pieces suit all interior applications. The stone has natural painkilling power and is especially good for headaches

To facilitate meditation and bring out the initiative.

Wild Tiger Eye gold Precioustone by Antolini is a dynamic material of natural Tiger Eye and resin, fused together to create an exciting visual feast.

This is a  natural slab.

Origin: Italy


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