Cleaning & Sealing


All natural stone products are subject to damage if not cared for properly. For normal housekeeping, clean using clear warm water or a pH neutral stone cleaner on a regular basis to remove residue from everyday spills such as food, hairspray, or cosmetics. No other soaps, detergents, or cleaners should be used on natural stone. Be careful with common foods and drinks that contain acids that may etch or dull the stone’s surface. Some common toiletries (i.e. perfume, toothpaste, mouthwash) may contain acids and other ingredients that may damage the stone surface or degrade the sealer if not cleaned in a timely manner.


The purpose of a sealer is to increase stain resistance so that the natural stone repels dirt and water. The sealer penetrates the stone, thereby, reducing absorption of dirt and staining agents. Sealing will not eliminate all staining. Spills should be wiped off immediately to prevent stains from settling into the stone. It is recommended to apply sealers periodically. A sealer must be used made specifically for marble and granite. Use a type of sealer that is penetrating (invisible) and does not leave a film on the surface.


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