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Transform your space with Allied’s Edge countertops! When choosing kitchen countertops or even a bathroom vanity top, the primary decisions often center on the type of natural stone that will be used, the color and the overall style, but one important decision that also has to be made is the type of edge profile that will be used. This can be an overlooked or underestimated aspect of the countertop selection process, but it can have a big impact on the overall look of a kitchen, bathroom or anywhere a natural stone countertop is used. While there’s no single formula that can be looked to in order to make this decision, understanding at least a few of the more common profile styles can guide the selection process.

Eased: Simple and Streamlined For homeowners seeking a kitchen that’s modern or minimalistic it’s often best to go for an eased edge. The eased edge is one of the most common countertop profiles and it’s also good for resale value because it’s neither ultra-modern nor ultra-traditional, giving it a versatile appearance. Eased edges also tend to create a streamlined look that can work with a variety of design styles. The eased edge not only works well with a traditional countertop thickness, but also for the eye-catching and more contemporary thick countertop slabs.

Beveled: Modern and Stylistic A beveled edge is a more detailed take on the eased edge and what it means is an edge profile that has an angular, flat corner, typically cut at around a 45 degree angle. The impact is one that’s sleek and it also works well in a modern space, but the beveled edge is often best used in a bathroom as opposed to a kitchen since the clipped edges leave a space prone to spillage and the sharp corners can be a bit uncomfortable if you’re seated at the countertop.

Bullnose: Classic and Traditional Unlike the eased and beveled profile options a bullnose countertop is rounded and has gentle edge lines, making it an ideal fit in a more traditional or transitional kitchen or bathroom. This type of rounded edge can also be a good way to make a space feel timeless, or to balance out sleeker lines that may be found elsewhere in the space. Another take on the bullnose edge is the demi-bullnose, which features a rounded top side and a sharper bottom edge.

Ogee: Timelessly Elegant The ogee profile is another option that’s largely considered a classic cut. Ogee means an edge profile that combines straight edges with a demi-bullnose, and this detailed profile is one of the top choices for kitchens that tend to be high-end or when the homeowner wants to achieve a luxurious look and feel along with a bit of dimensionality.

Chiseled: Unique and Rustic The chiseled edge is great for a space that has a rustic or naturally-inspired feel. The edges are left rough and it allows not only the natural beauty of the stone to shine through. Not only does a chiseled edge work well as part of a rustic design inspiration, but it’s also a good option for an outdoor kitchen to give the feeling of seamlessly blending in with the surroundings.




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